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Approval of requests

All applications are subject to approval in accordance with the admission regulations.

If you provide us with an effective email, we will send you a message to confirm receipt of the order, including the details of the product you ordered, and then we will send you an email confirming the order.

We have the right to contact you by phone to confirm the details of your order and to manage any problems related to the delivery of your order.

The rejection of your application may relate to one of the following:

Stock is out of stock.

We failed to obtain adequate permissions to deserve the cash from you.

Your inability to fulfill the eligibility necessary to order as described in the conditions, and if there are any problems with your application, you will be contacted through the customer service team as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to refuse any purchase from you at any time.

We will take care of the reasonable and what we can do to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but all products appearing on the website are subject to the availability of the goods in stock.

The conclusion of contracts, and electronic contracts. Here are the technical steps to conclude the contract between us and you:

You choose the product or products that you ordered on the website by clicking on the payment page when completing your purchase.

You will be directed to the website in a few simple steps

Your goods will be delivered to you according to the address you provided us with through the transport company we deal with and we cannot bear any error in the address entered.

We hope that you help us provide the necessary information and it will be clear while filling in the purchase order

Please go to the site and make a contract when you want to order and provide your real name, phone number, email, address, payment details and any information requested.

Mail or complete the exact address information for the place you want to deliver the goods to.

Having a valid credit card, or a debit card issued by an acceptable party.

Responsible for the loss of any content uploaded to or sent during this week.

We have made every effort to display products through the site as appropriately as possible, however, the colors used as well as the capabilities of the display and the colors available in the computer monitor will gradually affect the colors shown in the screen. You cannot take responsibility for the restrictions imposed on technology and do not guarantee that the screen The offer will display the original colors, the relevant texts or any of the merchandise details accurately.